Chan Tung Li

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This study is a macroanalysis of economic development in Taiwan during the 1950’s. The major source of information is aggregative second data which were obtained from the Chinese publications. Taiwan’s economy is still primarily agricultural even though it has been experiencing a rapid development of industry since 1950l more than 50 per cent of the population still derives its livelihood from agricultural. The agricultural industry supplies not only foodstuffs and raw materials but also provides almost 70 per cent of the total foreign exchange from exports of agricultural commodities. Agricultural credit is an essential instrument for agricultural development; especially is this true under the unfavorable conditions of the limitation of agricultural land and the growing population on this small island. The main object of economic development the struggle for presently is to improve the agricultural industry and channel this increased productivity into industrialization. Taiwan maintains relatively large armed forces which constitute 20 per cent of the total gainfully occupied population, and the military burden is 60 per cent of the annual national budget. The economic development of Taiwan, as many western economists see it, is on the verge of “take-off” and may become a self-propelled and self-sustained economic entity.

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