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Salary and wage data of personnel in the printing industry are interesting topics and are of primary importance to anyone already employee din the industry or those preparing for employment in the field. The amount of money earned by others in like positions in the industry makes available comparisons and provides employers with information on which to reassess their salary schedules and wage rates. The primary reason for undertaking such a study was the lack of up-to-date management salary and economic information in the commercial printing field. Secondarily, the author’s interest in comparative regional living patterns led to this research. It is hoped that the information contained in this report will be beneficial to the industry executives and management personnel, as well as to craftsmen, in comparing and judging their present positions with similar situations of printing plant managers in other sections of the United States, both from a salary standpoint and from a demographic analysis. The overall objective of the study is to show the differences, if any exist, between management salaries in printing plants in different regions of the United States. This statement encompasses many complex economic and social questions such as differing living costs, climatic conditions, city sizes, plant sizes, ages of plant managers, types of plants, training and experience of managers, suburban versus city living, and many other vital questions.

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