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Agricultural Engineering


The availability of solar energy on common types of surfaces of farm grain storages available for solar heat collection was analyzed. The objectives of this study were as follows: (1) to analyze different collector designs, shapes, and orientations, using available information to develop comparisons, (2) to develop design criteria for solar drying systems which could be applied to farm-size storages, using information developed by previous investigators, (3) to build and test these design criteria into experimental drying bins, comparing results in drying shelled corn by these three methods of operation, conventional supplemental heat, solar heat with humidistat blower control, and solar heat with no controls and continuous operation of the blower, and (4) to measure and evaluate as far as possible the effect of sensible heat storage in the corn on drying and the effect of latent heat storage on drying. Latent heat refers to the “heat of rewetting” released when over-dried corn absorbs moisture from high humidity air.

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