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Physical Education


Many different methods of increasing strength have been tried and developed through the years, and there are many and varied reasons to account for this search for increased strength. A number of reasons has prompted the urge and desire in man to develop the best method of strength development. Isometric contractions have recently taken the spotlight in this search. With just a few minutes of time each day devoted to simple isometric exercises, research has indicated an individual can develop strength as quickly as with other methods of training. The basic purpose of this research was to compare the effects of three different training programs on strength development. An isometric contraction program, a weight training program, and an isometric-weight training program were compared for strength improvement. The subjects used in this study were freshmen students participating in the physical education service program. The following strength tests were administered at the beginning and end of the training program: McCloy’s Strength Test Revision, Sit-up test (2 minutes), and the Sargent Jump test. The following items were used for comparison of strength gains: grip strength, leg lift, back lift, vertical jump, sit-ups, and arm strength.

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