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One of the primary means of evaluating the effectiveness of an organization or function is to contact the people who have been served. With this thought, a follow-up study of the graduates from Belview High School was undertaken during the 1962-1963 school year. The main intent of this study was the evaluation of the curriculum by the students whom it had served. Of additional interest was the graduates’ concepts of needed services and additional subject areas conceived from deficiencies encountered in post-high school undertaking. Answers to specific questions were sought. When did graduates marry and how many children did they have? Is graduate’s spouse from immediate Belview area? Where were graduates living? How many graduates continued their education and what schools did they attend? What reasons did graduates have for choice of further education? What type of degrees were graduates seeking? How much time elapsed between graduating and obtaining the first job? What were the most important factors which influenced graduates in getting jobs? How did occupational choice in high school compare with occupational choice at the time questionnaire was filled out? How did graduates view courses taken in high school? What type of curriculum improvements did graduates feel were essential?

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