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The purpose of this study was to learn the extent of adult homemaking education in vocationally approved high schools in South Dakota and to investigate opinions concerning possibilities for increasing the adult homemaking program. Analysis of the data from the returned questionnaires revealed that, while homemaking education for adults is available as a part of the vocational program in some high schools in South Dakota, in the majority of high schools, it is found to be entirely lacking. Of the 109 vocationally approved high schools investigated, 13 offered adult homemaking classes at some time during the three-year period. The majority, or 75 percent, of the homemaking classes were taught by the homemaking teacher and the remaining 25 percent by qualified outside persons. The majority of the students became interested in adult homemaking classes through the media of newspaper and word of mouth. More than three-fourths of the classes were held in the fall and winter. The reasons given for selecting this time of year for classes to meet were that there were fewer conflicts and ti was more convenient for participants. Adult classes were usually held in the evening but three teachers had held classes during school hours.

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