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The development of the high school library in our nation’s schools can be divided into three definite steps. The early schools in the United States had no libraries. This phase was followed by an era in which schools purchased some books for students to read, but chiefly as a recreational activity. The third step in the evolution is the concept that the modern high school library should be an intellectual library. Many schools have made progress in this present phase of library development. This survey was conducted to compare the physical aspects of libraries of small schools with those of larger schools. This comparison was in terms of housing, books, finance, and personnel. This survey was made to determine the condition of the libraries in the selected schools as a sample of the libraries in schools of the state. In seeking to determine the status of selected high school libraries in South Dakota, this study surveyed and compared the two groups of schools as they compared with each other and their relationship to the standards set up by the South Dakota State Department of Public Instruction and their relationship to a limited number of points from the American Library Association standards wherever these standards were definite. The research paper has shown what physical facilities exist in these selected schools. In order to be able to form any conclusions from these results, it is necessary to compare these schools with the standards of South Dakota, American Library Association, and with each other.

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