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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Yi Liu


microservices, service integration


“Microservices” is a new term in software architecture that was defined in 2014 [1]. It is a method to build a software application with a set of small services. Each service has its process to serve a single purpose and communicates with other services through lightweight mechanisms. Because of a great deal of independently distributed services, it is a challenge to integrate the loose services fully. Too many trivial relationships can be messed up easily during deployment. Also, it is hard to modify the relationships if the services are updated as the source codes need to be re-edited and tested. The microservices architecture is attracting much attention recently. More and more software-developers are producing continuous applications and microservices deliveries [2]. There is a need to develop a mechanism to better integrate the scattered services during the application delivery process. The thesis proposes three general design patterns to integrate services in microservices architecture. These patterns are classified by the inter-service communication mechanisms and described with specific problems, contexts, solutions, example implementations and consequences. Besides, the informative guidelines are provided to make these patterns apply in different applications quickly. The service integration design patterns help compose services and facilitate the process of building applications in microservices. All the patterns are helpful tools to address the service integration issues in microservices. Each approach is simple and flexible to apply generally. The structures can be easily modified through these approaches.

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Service-oriented architecture (Computer science)
Software architecture.


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