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Physical Education


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the relationship between muscular strength and predicted academic success of selected freshmen male college students at South Dakota State University. The muscular strength test used was taken from the cable-tension battery and the predicted academic success factor was represented by the American College Test composite score. Thirty freshmen male college students were randomly selected according to their American College Test composite score. All athletes and students in strenuous classes of physical education had been previously eliminated. The subjects were then given a four test battery of cable tension strength tests to determine muscular strength. A linear and multiple correlation was computed by an electric computer. It was concluded that the relationship between muscular strength and predicted academic success as determined by this investigation showed only a slight relationship. The sample subject was not sufficient. A further investigation should be conducted using all freshmen and not eliminating athletes and those in strenuous physical education classes.

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South Dakota State University--Students
Physical fitness -- Testing
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