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The mobility of the constituents of the soil has been recognized for many years. The fact that the movement of the soil constituents from one place to another in the soil profile, as conditioned by the factors of soil formation, is responsible for the development of the genetic horizons of the soil profile also has been long recognized. However, not until relatively recently has much attention been given to the orientational distributional of the soil constituents within the horizons of the soil profile. Retzer and Simonson have explored the orientational distribution of several selected soil constituents in relationship to the peds within one selected horizon of a profile. To date, studies have not been made that considers the differences in the orientational distribution of all the major soil constituents in relationship to the peds in the individual horizons throughout the whole solum; the genesis of these orientational distributions and of the computational differentials per se accompanying the orientational distribution of the individual constituents; and the role that the orientational distribution of the individual constituents with respect to the peds play in the genetic evolution of the horizons as soil development proceeds in accordance with the time factor.

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