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¬The purpose of this study was to declamation program in South Dakota High School in an effort to determine the values, if any, of this program as measured by students presently enrolled in college. First and perhaps foremost, was a personal interest in the area of declamation. At the present time, the writer is actively engaged in the coaching of declamation on the junior and senior high school levels. Also, while working on the course work toward the degree of Master of Science in communication, she worked with undergraduate college students in the area of original oratory which frequently involved many of the same processes and techniques stressed in declamation. The second reason for the selection of this study by the writer was the extensiveness of the declamation program in this state. A third factor in prompting this study by the writer was interact expressed on the part of members of the speech Department of South Dakota State College aroused by an interview-type survey conducted by three students on the campus of that institution during the fall of 1961. Finally, the writer was interested in examining the declamation program in South Dakota because of the disagreement that seemed to be expressed by those individuals who were coaching and judging declaration contests concerning the merits of the program itself. Therefore, because of personal interest, the magnitude of the program, recommendations based on previous surveys, and the existing differences of opinion of instructors in the field of declamation, the writer felt prompted to select a study which would include a review of the declamation program together with an attempt to measure what values, If any, presently enrolled college students felt they had received from their experiences with declamation in schools in South Dakota.

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