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Through the years, methods of strength development have been of great interest to both the physical educator and the athletic coach. The strength and endurance gains reported by the various authors investigating weight training led more and more coaches and teachers to become interested in this method of strength development. Six hundred men were divided into two groups. The weight lifting group were former weight lifters. The non-weight lifting group had never participated in weight lifting and was used as the control group. The findings showed that the weight lifters were faster in speed of rotary arm motion than the non-weight lifters. Hettinger attempted to establish certain scientific criteria relevant to the training of muscle for increased strength. Though a great deal of research has been conducted on the various phases of isometric strength development, the writers must ask a question similar to the question asked about weight training more than ten years ago. Does isometric strength development render the individual less able to move rapidly? Meadows sought to determine the effect of isotonic and isometric muscle contractions upon the speed and force of the offensive football charge. The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of and isometric training program on selected movements of the forearm flexor and extensor muscle groups.

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