The Effect of Wave Formation on Open Channel Flow in a Triangular Closed Conduit


Yung Kuan Lo

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Engineering


In the fields of Civil, Hydraulic, and Agricultural Engineering, it is common for water to be delivered by means of open or closed conduits. Analysis of the flow within these conduits is decided into two categories, open-channel flow and pipe flow. Lembke observed the transition from part-flow to full-flow in steep circular drains; he noted five flow regimes for this transition. Flow Regime v of Lembke’s research was different from the others in that there was no stationary hydraulic jump concerned, but slug flow occurred in the conduit with a free outlet condition. Since slugs are surface waves, the activities of the surface waves in the circular conduit are significant for changing the flow condition from open-channel flow to pipe flow. Some failures may result when slug flow occurs to change the flow condition from open channel flow to pipe flow. The former case o reduction of flow will increase the relative cost by requiring a larger size of pipe. The latter case of shaking the pipe body will cause breakage of the pipe line and also will loosen the earth fill so as to endanger the earth structure. If the transition from open-channel flow to pipe flow can be obtained smoothly within the pipe line, the aforesaid failures will be eliminated. The flow within a circular or triangular closed conduit is in many ways alike. The main object of this research is to find some relationship between the slope and discharge for a triangular closed conduit at the transition from open-channel flow to pipe flow. This is the maximum stage of open- channel flow in this triangular closed conduit. This will permit a more clears explanation of wave phenomena in other conduit shapes.

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South Dakota State University

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