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Physical Education


Skill tests for majors in physical education are essential to the evaluation of the abilities of the prospective teacher in physical education. Such a testing program would indicate to some extent the effectiveness of the instructional program skills. There appears to be a scarcity of research in skill testing for physical education majors. It was felt by the author that a means of evaluating the skill ability of majors in physical education at South Dakota State was needed in order to determine their level of proficiency and to also give them a better understanding of the values of attaining a prescribed level of skill competency. This study attempted to devise a battery of skill tests for the evaluation of skill ability of majors in physical education at South Dakota State University in selected physical activities. The activities which were included were as follows: golf, tennis, and tumbling. If the author found that no test was available in the area to be evaluated, the construction of a test was required.

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