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The effect of various training programs on the human body has long been a topic for discussion among physical educators, athletic coaches and physiologists. Although physical educators are concerned with physical fitness they are not interested in producing and individual who reaches the peak of condition necessary for strenuous athletic contests such as those found on the interscholastic or intercollegiate level. Most coaches agree that in order to have champion athletes and championship teams the individual athletes must have muscular strength and cardiovascular condition sufficient to meet the challenges of prolonged, strenuous competition. Feeling that explosive power, leg strength, and cardiovascular efficiency were of prime importance to a variety of athletic events. The literature revealed no research pertaining strictly to the use of stair-running as a training method, however, Charles Paddock, the great sprinter of more than forty years ago, included in his daily running schedule sprints up a 200 yard hill at an angle of about thirty to forty degrees, or several flights of stairs. Arkansas, state that their football teams are now resuming the old practice of running the stadium stairs after becoming dissatisfied with the results of isometric exercises. It has been estimated that at the same rate of speed one uses 15 to 17.7 times more climbing to a certain height than he does in walking, on a level, a distance equal to that height. The purpose of this study was to determine whether subjects who participated in a vigorous stair-running program experienced significant changes in explosive power, leg strength and cardiovascular efficiency. The outstanding limitation in this investigation was the small number of subject with which the investigator was able to work.

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