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Civil Engineering


Disposal of poultry manure is becoming a greater problem as confinement of bird increases, flocks become larger, and poultry acreages decrease. Also, poultry production units are moving closer to urban areas, necessitating greater sanitation practices. Water pollution caused by surface runoff of farm animal wastes has caused additional concern for proper disposal methods. Several methods of disposal of poultry manure that have been proposed as solutions include: digesting, lagooning, field spreading as a liquid, field spreading of fresh droppings, drying, and composting. Before facilities for adequate treatment of animal wastes can be designed, the chemical, physical, and biological properties of these wastes must be determined. The purpose of this research was to determine characteristics of fresh chicken manure in order that adequate systems could be designed to treat and dispose of the manure. Another objective of this was to examine and evaluate the ability of an existing poultry manure lagoon to stabilize organic chicken wastes. The scope of this investigation included an accurate method of weighing and collecting solid chicken waste samples. This portion of the investigation was concerned with an accurate determination of the amount of wet, dry, and volatile solids produced. The solids obtained in the above manner were composited and analyzed with the percent moisture and the percent volatile matter being determined daily on the fresh manure samples included: biochemical oxygen demand (BCD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen results were reported in terms of volatile solids in the solution. The third phase of this investigation was to examine and evaluate a poultry lagoon and its contents. From this information, recommendations as to loading rates, volume requirements, and other design criteria of chicken waste lagoons were made.

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