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The purpose of this study was to develop a technique whereby this adolescent nonreader of potentially average metal ability would be enabled to step from the shadow of illiteracy into enlightening experience of reading. Introspection preceded other investigation. The qualities of an effective teacher-counselor were restudied and reevaluated. Another purpose of this study was to determine the effect of an accepting, supportive atmosphere on the learning of illiterates of potentially average mental ability. Reading skills would be developed in a private one-to-one relationship where learning could be experienced by the pupil. The two subjects in this study had been previously exposed to much conventional teaching in the classroom and in a remedial program. They had not learned to read. The challenge and purpose were to create a noncompetitive, nonthreatening situation in which discovery and learning could evolve. Because the counseling and tutoring were done solely by the researcher, the scope of the study was limited to the pupils and the time was limited to the years. To be optimally effective, the sessions should have continued until each subject was reading on a level commensurate with his age and potential ability. Additional subjects would have enlarged the scope and additional time would have increased the measurable achievement.

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