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Before considering the measurement of quality printing it would be helpful to develop a clear concept of just what quality means to the average printer. To many printers the word “quality” is a crutch on which they lean for support, and it is not a goal toward which they strive. An often heard definition for quality in industry is “A means of manufacturing, to a consistent standard, the lowest quality product which the public will accept.” Whether a printing firm is large or small, it cannot avoid being concerned with quality level and quality variation. Since all defects or variations are not equally serious it is necessary to classify them. This can be done by using the minor, major and critical defect definitions, as extracted from the military standards no. 105A. One of the most provoking problems between the printer and the customer is achievement of a common understanding of quality and subsequently, to translate this understanding into a finished printed piece. The author feels that there should be more investigation into the consumer’s ability to ascertain quality and further investigation as to how his ability compares with that of persons closely associated with the printing industry. The purpose of this study is to determine whether any significant difference exists between consumers and a panel of judges, composed of advanced printing students and members of the printing faculty, in their ability to ascertain quality printing and if there is a difference, at what level of significance? Subsidiary reasons for undertaking this study are to ascertain whether there is any relationship between quality judgement and these demographic characteristics of the subjects: (1) sex, (2) years of education completed, (3) and years of experience as a secretary.

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