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Athletic coaches and athletes have shown considerable interest in weight training as a means of increasing explosive powder and leg strength. It is thought that this interest has been due mainly to studies which have indicated a positive relationship between weight training and jumping. It appears that many basketball coaches use weight training in pre-season conditioning but discontinue its use when the regular season begins. As the basketball season progresses it is important that the players maintain leg strength and explosive power. Therefore, the attempt was made in this study to determine whether a prescribed weight training program will increase leg strength and explosive power during a basketball season. This study was conducted with the purpose of determining what changes, if any, took place in leg strength and explosive power as a result of a systematic weight-training program during a basketball season. The length of the weight training period was limited to four weeks due to a prolonged vacation period during the basketball season. Originally 16 subjects were to have participated in the study however this number was reduced to 10 due to scholastic difficulties and injuries.

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