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Sphaerophorus necrophorus is of considerable economic importance since it is the cause of many pathological conditions in a wide variety of animals. One such condition is liver abscess of cattle. This one costs the packing industry several million dollars a year. Grant (15) suggested that a selective medium be devised for the isolation and cultivation of S. necrophorus. Becrens (2) has used a veal infusion medium containing brilliant green for the isolation of the organism. This medium does not inhibit the group D streptococcus and great care has to be used in making the medium. The difficulty of maintaining cell viability has been shared by many investigators. Some investigators have had to transfer their culture once or twice a week to maintain cell viability, and even by doing this, the cultures may be list in a few months. The variety of isolation techniques have brought about the suggestion of many media that can be used to cultivate S. necrophorus. A selective medium utilizing dyes and Difco thioglycollate medium used is not a chemically defined medium but is less complex than most suggested media.

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