Fuat Metin

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering


The object of this thesis is to analyze the strength and behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete beams which are subjected to impact loading. Most structures are designed to carry dead load plus static load which is designated as live load. For the analysis, the principles of statics are used. When dynamic loads act on structures, principles of dynamics are used for the stress analysis. The dynamic characteristics of a member depend on several factors: among them being: the characteristics of the loads applied to the member, the characteristics of the member under the impact load. Some of the variables in this connection are: the properties of the concrete, percentage of steel reinforcement, stress-strain characteristics of steel in the elastic region. In chapter two the theory of dynamic loads is studied. Dynamic loads are classified according to the time-load relationship. They are: Low-velocity impact loads, high-velocity impact loads. In chapter three the elastic behavior of a simple beam with concentrated load at center is analyzed. In chapter four the behavior of structural steel and concrete are discussed and analyzed separately under both static and dynamic loading. Chapter five is devoted to the experimental part of the work. Test results and conclusions are derived from the experiment and the graphs obtained from the test results.

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Concrete -- Testing
Reinforced concrete


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South Dakota State University