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In recent years there has been an increasing tendency for some commodities, particularly livestock, dairy, and poultry products, to be marketed through a decentralized marketing system. The eastern South Dakota hog producer no longer has only one market outlet through which he must market his slaughter hogs, but rather has a choice of several market outlets. The hog industry has been a major source of income to the eastern South Dakota farmer during recent years. The cash income from this industry in 1959 was $108,109,000 which was second only to the income from cattle and calves. In a perfect market situation all market outlets would be expected to yield the same not return to the farmer. The decentralized marketing system in eastern South Dakota enables the slaughter hog producer to market his product through auctions, dealers, packing plants, packer buying stations, or terminals. The objective of this study were to present and analyze various factors which must be considered in choosing a slaughter hog market outlet and to evaluate eastern South Dakota as a slaughter hog market area or as a combination of slaughter hog market areas on the basis of the perfect market concept.

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