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Gill nets, trap nets, an otter trawl, and a boom-type electric shocker were utilized to obtain samples of the fish population of Lake Poinsett, South Dakota. The species and size composition of the samples differed significantly with time of season, time of day, location on the lake, and type of gear. Decreased activity following spawning was the apparent cause of a midsummer decline in gill net and trap net catches of black bullhead, black crappie, and white crappie. A late summer increase in the catch of yearling black bullheads, crappies, white bass, carp and bigmouth buffalo was attributed to an increase in activity or change in behavior pattern. Diurnal migrations were felt to be the cause of diel differences in catch rate of species taken by the trawl and shocker. Different age classes of fish apparently vary in their activity patterns. Uneven distribution of the population caused differences in the catch of each type of gear at different locations on the lake. Types of gear differed in their effectiveness for different species and sizes of fish. Each type of gear indicated a different population structure. Gear selectivity resulted from differences in fish behavior and physical characteristics of the sampling gear. The results of the study indicated· that: interpretation of population samples should be based on knowledge of the habits of species in the population, characteristics and limitations of the sampling gear, and of the body of water being sampled; collection of samples should be intensive and over a relatively long period of time; all habitats should be sampled; and at least two types of collecting gear should be used.

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Fish populations -- South Dakota -- Lake Poinsett
Freshwater biology -- South Dakota -- Lake Poinsett
Lake Poinsett (S.D.)


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