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Printing and Journalism


The subject of production control systems in small commercial printing plants is a fascinating one to this author. It involves employment of every management technique that has been devised by manufacturing production engineers. Commercial printing activities are defined as all these printing plants producing a printed product on a jobbing bagels. Further clarification of printing industry activities is the separation of printing and publishing activities; publishing being limited to the printing of newspapers, magazines, books and miscellaneous items of like nature. Jobbing shops are those whose operations are usually of a non- repressive nature, becomes the output is not produced in quantity. The main reason for undertaking this study of production control systems of small commercial printing plant is that no formal books have been written on this subject and what information there is available to printers is generally published in printing trade periodical by personal contacts. One reason for undertaking this study was to determine the principles of production control as it should be applied to printing plants, with particular emphasis on those shops considered in the small category with 20 or fewer shop employees.

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