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The adolescent period is recognized as a crucial one in the development of individuals. This study is centered on the nutritional status of girls who are in this stage of development. Cooperative regional studies by experiment stations and school lunch studies in several states have covered many phases of nutritional status for various population groups in recent years. Investigators agrees that there is need for further information in regard to the dietary practices and nutritional status of adolescents, and there appears to be the greatest concern with respect to adolescent girls. The average annual birth rate for Indians in the United States has shown in a public health service report as 32.1 per 1000 population is contras5ted to the 24.5 births for all races in the United States in the years 1949-53. Anthropological, sociological, and general health studies says Indian population groups have pointed up the importance of additional information about dietary practices and nutritional status. The present study is part of a larger one in dietary intake and certain physical and biochemical manners of 7 to 14 year old boys and girls in Indian boarding schools. The purpose of the study was to obtain information which should enable investigators to assess the nutritional status of the Indian children. This study includes observations on Indian girls 12 to 14 years old only.

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Indians of North America -- South Dakota -- Education
Indians of North America -- North Dakota -- Education


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