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The transaction from the sixth to the seventh grade for the early adolescent has been a long recognized problem. Various schools have tried different methods to make it smooth and more pleasant since this is a critical period physically, emotionally, and socially because of the changes taking place within the individual. The curriculum has been changed and shaped around the needs of the early adolescent. Recent courses in guidance and years of experience in teaching have pointed out the fact clearly that the early adolescence has many concealed problems with which they are wrestling, and from which they seek relief. The adjustment of child progressing from the sixth to the seventh is a difficult one. Many children find this step in their educational life a most confusing and a frustrating experience. It has been comparatively recent that the terms “orientation” and “guidance” have been heard and more recently used to help the child become adjusted sooner so that he might gain more from his seventh grade experience. The first step is to find out what are his problems and secondly, to help him solve them. It is the purpose of this study to work out a problem check list that may be used in group guidance and health classes for the seventh grade, that might also be of practical value to the student and the teacher in the following ways: to help the student improve in study habits and to make better use of his time, to help the child better understand the changes that take place during adolescent period.

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