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The farm family has been recognized by many as a hardy lot who could endure a hard life and strenuou8s labor. On the other hand, city people have thought of as being weaker because of a life less demanding. In the past it has been accepted generally that the rural boy was superior to the urban boy in over-all physical strength. The rural boy has been stereotyped as a big, muscular individual with a strong back and weak mind. The town boy, on the other hand, has seldom been considered as an exceptionally strong individual. Throughout the years the farm and city families have led different types of lives. The machine age has greatly changed the type and amount of work a man has to perform on the farm. The great influx of machinery since the turn of the century has tended to create less work for the farmer. This increase in mechanization and automation has considerably altered the lives of both rural and urban people. This change has created more time-saving devices, a decline in physical labor, and an increase in leisure time. The general consensus has been that rural people are outstanding examples of healthful living. Rogers tells us that there is a definite correlation between health and strength. This theses, therefore, has been designed to compare one phase of health in rural and urban boys, namely that of strength.

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