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The problems of this thesis are: first, to trace the chronological development of periodicals printed in South Dakota from the date of the first known periodical printed in Dakota Territory through December 31, 1930; second, to study the types of periodicals produced; and third, to compile a check list as complete as possible of South Dakota periodicals during the period chosen for study. The date December 31, 1930 was chosen as a convenient cut-off date since few periodicals began after that date. The chronological development of those magazines published before 1930 was continued until suspension or to the present date. No attempt has been made at a formal content analysis of any of the periodicals, although a change of content is noted in the development of several of those periodicals that survive today. For the purpose of this study, the periodicals were set up in eight classifications, the author did not use the one set up by Roland E. Wolseley, and since it did not suit the periodical has had much to do with its survival to the present time. Periodicals of general interest were those literary in nature that had no special field. The procedure for assembly of data was as follows: all available volumes of N. W. Ayer and son, American Newspaper Annual and Directory, N.W Ayer and Son’s Directory of Newspapers and Periodicals, and Winifred Gregory Gerould’s Union List of Serials were checked for a basic list of titles.

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