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This paper presents a study of the helminth endoparasite of the Chinese or ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus). The digestive and respiratory tracts of 262 pheasants, all of which were collected in Brown County, South Dakota, were examined. Collections were ,made from January, 1961, through November of the same year. The problem was divided as follows: (1) locating and Identifying the helminth parasites, (2) relating parasitism to the age of the birds, (3) ascertaining the seasonal distribution of the parasites, and (4) determining what gross pathological changes were due to parasitism. Previous to this study, little or no literature was available regarding the pheasant parasites of the state, and few systemic investigations of this nature had been undertaken in any region. Most of the reports from areas in the United State where the pheasant has become established limit the discussion of parasitism to isolated notations of occurrence or to host lists. Thus, this study was made in order to obtain a record of the occurrence, incidence and effect on the host by pheasant parasites in South Dakota.

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Pheasants -- South Dakota
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