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Master of Science (MS)

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Health and Nutritional Sciences

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Lacey McCormack


health coaching, meal replacement program, perceptions, personality, weight loss


Purpose: To determine if personality style is related to perceptions of health coaching and if there is a relationship between perceptions of health coaching and the ability to lose weight. Methods: Data was gathered from approximately 2,000 MR program participants via an electronic survey. The Client Evaluation of Motivational Interviewing scale was used to determine if perceptions of health coaching affect the ability to lose weight. The Ten Item Personality Inventory was used to determine if personality style is associated with the perception of health coaching. Self-reported start weight and current weight were used to calculate percent of starting weight. Linear regression was used to determine the specific aims. Statistical analysis was controlled for age and sex. Results: Participants who reported a greater satisfaction with their health coaches’ knowledge, ability, time, support, and relationship displayed a greater weight loss than those who were not satisfied. Satisfaction with the relationship/connection with health coach was associated with extraversion (p=.039). Satisfaction with support of the health coach was associated with emotional stability (p=.061). Conclusion: Positive perceptions of health coaching influence weight loss in MR program participants. Some personality styles indicated satisfaction with specific aspects of health coaching. However, it can be assumed that personality is not the sole determining factor for health coaching perceptions.

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Weight loss -- Psychological aspects.
Health attitudes.
Health coaches.
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