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Health and Nutritional Sciences

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Bryan Romsa


influence, mid-major, motivation, NCAA Division I, sport, swimming


Student-athletes face an ever-increasing challenge of selecting a higher education institution that meets their desired criteria academically and athletically. Coaches and recruiters have sought to discover how to best recruit student-athletes over the history of college athletics. Understanding these factors can assist coaches and athletes to create athletic programs to best fit the desired student-athletes. This study examined the factors that influence the college selection process of mid-major NCAA Division I, male and female swimmers. The instrument utilized in this study was the Student Athlete College Choice Profile Survey (SACCPS). The participants included 141 student-athletes from seven mid-major NCAA Division I university swim programs representing two regions of the United States of America. The article discusses the most important factors utilized in the selection process of a higher education institution by mid-major NCAA Division I swimmers. The findings displayed a difference of top ranked influential factors and the degree of importance between genders. Practitioners may use these findings to streamline their marketing and recruiting efforts.

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