Don J. Amiot

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the personal and professional qualifications of the classroom teachers of physical education and the status of the physical education programs is selected elementary schools. Four areas of the problem were studied: (1) the personal and professional qualifications of the classroom teachers in physical education; (2) the present policies and practices used in conducting the physical education programs; (3) the contents of the physical education programs and (4) the attitudes of the classroom teachers in regard to their responsibilities for elementary physical education. The following procedure was employed. Three hundred seventy questionnaires were sent to classrooms teachers from grades one through six in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, and Nebraska. To achieve the purposes of the study the following areas were investigated: (1) the educational background of the classroom teachers selected for the study; (2) the school policies related to elementary physical education; (3) curriculum planning in physical education; (4) the activities that were afford beyond the instructional program in the elementary grades; (5) the methods used to student evaluation; and (6) the classroom teachers’ attitudes toward physical education. As a result of the findings obtained during this investigation, the following conclusions appear warranted. Many of the teachers surveyed had less than a minor in physical education. Approximately one-half of the classroom teachers surveyed were responsible for teaching physical education to their own students. A great majority of the teachers expressed a need for curriculum guide in physical education. The teachers felt that they had responsibility for the physical education. The classroom teachers realized that their children have needs in the educational area called physical education.

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Physical education for children
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