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Reports of mass and local mortalities caused or influenced by helminth infestations indicate that helminth parasites are natural control agents. Little is known concerning the limiting effects helminths have on ruminant populations. It is known that helminths have on wild ruminant populations. It is known that helminths parasitic in domestic livestock often infest wild ruminants. Swales (1935) and various other workers indicated that serious pathogens in livestock may cause little or no harm in wild ruminants. Thysanosoma actinioides, the fringed tapeworm, which obstructs the bile ducts of sheep, has never been reported as a serious pathogen in wild ruminants. Game management is a complex application of many principals based on scientific fact. Disease control and prevention are included in these principles. The primary objectives of this research were: 1. To determine the incidence and species of helminths found in wild ruminants of South Dakota. 2. To determine the geographical distribution of each helminth species in South Dakota. 3. To determine the relative importance of helminth parasites as disease agents in wild ruminants of South Dakota. (see more in text)

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