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Renewed interest in the hydraulic performance of closed conduits is evidenced by the number of studies reported since 1950. The hydraulics of closed conduit spillways is not as simple as previous thoughts had indicated and is a reason for the renewed interest. Another reason is that many of these structures are being constructed each year and small savings or improvements in each structure generally result in a large total savings (8). The closed conduit spillway is of considerable importance, especially when it is considered that the common culverts used by highway engineers; the “trickle tubes,” drop inlet culverts, and uncontrolled pipe outlets used by the Soil Conservation for farm and ranch ponds, erosion and flood control dams; are all closed conduit spillways (7).The major role played by the closed conduit spillway in the Soil Conservation Service program is present. Presently, the control of runoff on watersheds in this country is being employed extensively to conserve and to retain runoff. In the past decade, it has become evident that if a desirable, over-all soil and water conservation program is to be attained, the scientific control and management of runoff on small watershed area has yielded invaluable endowments for many rural communities. (see more in text)

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