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As a child progresses in gaining an education, there is a greater dependence upon reading skill. Each grade makes increasing demands concerning the type of reading and the amount of reading required. The child with a reading problem finds himself more perplexed and the learning task becomes more perplexed and the learning task becomes more difficult. The problem is significant to teachers and school administrators because the reading program must constantly be improved to provide ways and means of correcting the reading deficiencies of some students and, at the same time, of expanding and enriching the reading curricula for other students. A far-better educated populace is required in this Atomic and Space Age. Scientific investigations have revealed great differences in the learning ability among students, making it the task of all concerned with education to become fully aware of individual differences. The future reading success of certain youngsters may depend upon these innovations. This study involves two grouping plans. They are the traditional plan and the Joplin plan. (see more in text)

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