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In the past fifty years, numerous achievements have been made in the science of chemistry. Such achievements have required changes, both in industrial chemistry and in the teaching of chemistry. Traditionally, beginning chemistry has been taught as a descriptive science. Even presently, many secondary schools, colleges, and universities, offer a factual course emphasizing the factual data rather than the basic principles. Although teaching chemistry descriptively has appeared adequate in the past, because of the extensive volume of knowledge available today, such a method of instruction seem questionable. More than ever before there seems to be a need for a logical and effective means of teaching secondary school chemistry. There also seems to be a need for a course which will present the modern nature and the methods of preset day science. Within the last decade, two introductory high school chemistry courses have been introduced. They are the Chemical Education Material Study and the Chemical Bond Approach Project. It is one of their objectives of this study to examine the role of the chemistry laboratory, with special reference to the Chemical Bond Approach Project and the Chemical Education Material Study.

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