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“The Weekly Newspaper’s Leadership role as Seen by Community Leaders,” written by Alex S. Edelstein and J. Blaine Schultz, identified a group of 46 community leaders. The leaders were typical community leader of rural and semi-rural communities. The article evaluated the role the newspaper played in community affairs. . . .one member said it was the newspaper’s role to initiate specific projects, 59 per cent said the newspaper should work jointly with community leaders to initiate projects, 39 per cent said the newspapers role was to provide publicity – not to initiate projects. (6-569) One respondent in the Edelstein and Schultz survey said that the newspaper can’t afford to go against community opinion because someone, the newspaper or the people, will get hurt. Respondents showed the faith readers and community leaders had in the paper, but expressed the desire that the newspaper should not initiate projects of its own. This is restrictive of any newspaper which believes in being the whole “watchdog” of community affairs. The passive role of the newspaper provides for little active criticism of the government it is supposed to watch.

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