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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering


Hybrid beams combine strength and economy in steel design. They are the latest attempts from the steel industry to meet the competition presented by pre-stressed concrete. Hybrid beams are fabricated by welding high-strength steel flanges to a lower strength steel web. The primary objectives of this investigation are to determine the structural behavior and to study the stress distribution in the webs and flanges of a varying depth-to-thickness ratio in webs of hybrid beams. The plastic design method of analysis is adopted in this investigation. All beams will be subjected to symmetrical 4-point loading and to stimulate as much as possible uniform loading condition. The cases of pure bending, and combined sheer and bending, will be studied and analyzed. Strain-gage and deflection results obtained from actual beam tests will be analyzed and compared with the expected theoretical results. (see more in text)

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Strains and stresses




South Dakota State University