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There have been many misconceptions about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Or, The Modern Prometheus. One of the greatest errors is that the name of the monster in Shelley’s novel is Frankenstein. The name Frankenstein belongs to the young scientist who created the hideous creature; the name of the creation is simply the Monster. There is also confusion caused by the authoress herself. Mary Shelley, in her 1831 Introduction to Frankenstein and also by her subtitle of the novel, indicated that her book is both Gothic and Promethean in theme. This study will consider the assertion that Shelley’s Frankenstein is not Gothic in tradition even though she suggests that her story is a ghost tale. Furthermore, this examination will supply evidence that Frankenstein should not have for its subtitle The Modern Prometheus, because the story contradicts the myth of Prometheus. Almost all scholars have taken for granted that Shelley’s subtitle and Introduction are appropriate for the novel. This thesis will show that there is no reason to question the genre of Frankenstein and the character Victor Frankenstein, who is supposed to be a modern Prometheus. (see more in text)

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Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851. Frankenstein




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