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Developmental levels intellectually and levels of adjustment of each boy and girl needed to be ascertained in order to know what each was ready to accomplish at a particular time if individualization of instruction were to enable each child to develop his potentials to the optimum. The main problem of this study is the determining of a means of collection worthwhile and meaningful data as to adjustment difficulties of high school students early in the school year so that the material may be added to the cumulative records of the students in order to add another dimension to the material already entered there. This total information would then be used to offer help and insight to the students most in need of immediate counseling. When a guidance counselor comes into a new school situation with little cumulative record material to guide him, how is he going to be able to reach students who may drop out of school for reasons of personal adjustment before he is able to discover who these people are? The answer to this question indicates the tremendous importance of this study. There have been many studies of the Bell Adjustment Inventory made and it is an accepted instrument, but is it going to prove useful in the above described situation? This study, as a point in starting an organized guidance program, in updating and completing cumulative records for the students to be counseled, and as serving as an introduction to counseling sessions, should have a good deal of importance. (see more in text)

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