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Physical Education


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the status of Young Men’s Christian Association physical directors in the North Central Area and other selected Young Men’s Christian Associations is surrounding areas. The following procedure was employed to obtain the data presented in this study: compilation of the mailing list; development of the questionnaire and introductory letters; mailing of the questionnaire; and development and mailing of the follow-up letter. As a result of the finding obtained during this investigation, the following appeared warrented. Men in the Young Men’s Christian Association physical directorship professuin are youthful with the largest single percent-age of them being between the ages of 24-26. College degrees were held by 94 percent of the physical directorsand 16 of of the degree holders were former public school instructors. Salaries paid the respondants ranged from $3,700 on a part-time basis up to $12,500 for an administrativbe physical directorship position . Salary opportunities improved with certification and experience. City size was also indicated as being a determiner of salary size. Vacation time ranges from two weeks to four weeks with regular pay. In addition to a background of physical education, sociology, psychology, counseling, and religion courses, the respondants indicated that an understanding of finance, budgeting, and administrationis desirable for a physical director.

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Young Men's Christian Associations (North Central)
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