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Kyle Page


Much of the change management literature has focused on change from the perspective of the organization as a whole. However, researchers have begun to explore the impact change has on employees, as well as employee perceptions of organizational change. The current study explored the role psychological ownership has in the context of organizational change, by using it is as a moderator between employee openness to organizational change (EOOC), and organizational commitment, job stress, and turnover intentions. Results revealed a significant positive correlation between EOOC and organizational commitment, a significant negative correlation between EOOC and job stress, as well as turnover intentions. Results further revealed that psychological ownership moderated the relationship between EOOC and job stress, such that when psychological ownership is high, the relationship with job stress was weakened. Implications and directions for future research are discussed.

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Organizational change -- Psychological aspects.
Organizational behavior.
Employees -- Attitudes.
Job satisfaction.
Organizational effectiveness.
Employee morale.
Employee motivation.



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