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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology and Rural Studies

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Kyle Page


Conservation of Resources Theory, drinking, health, Industrial Organizational Psychology, perfectionism, smoking


Past research has provided evidence on the consequences of perfectionism. One particular consequence of perfectionism is that of general health. Research has suggested that perfectionism type influences general mental health. Using the 3-cluster perspective of perfectionism by Slaney, Rice, Mobley, Trippi, & Ashby (2001), the current work investigates the mediating effects of drug use on the relationship between perfectionism clusters and general mental health, in the context of Conservation of Resources Theory (COR; Hobfoll, 1989). Adaptive perfectionists had higher general mental health compared to non-perfectionists and maladaptive perfectionists. However, the three clusters of perfectionism did not differ in drug use (i.e. smoking and drinking). In addition, drug use did not mediate the relationship between perfectionism and general mental health. Implications of perfectionism and general mental health, in relation to Conservation of Resources Theory, and future research opportunities are discussed.


South Dakota State University


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