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Master of Science (MS)


Poultry Science


Soybean by-products have been used for animal feed protein extensively in the past years. Soybean meal has become a major source for poultry diets. Being a plant source of protein soybeans potentially could provide protein for animals in almost unlimited quantities. However, there are certain problems encountered in the feeding of soybean products to poultry. The research for this paper deals with the use of soybean the use of soybean protein in the diets of turkey poults. Isolated soy protein which is commonly used for purified diet studies contains factor(s) which cause reduced growth and a rachitic-like conditions of turkey poults. Soybean meal as commercially available produces normal growth and essentially no rickets. This study was conducted to determine the nature of the unknown factor(s) in soybean protein and their effects when fed to turkey poults. Due to species similarity considerable review is made of work conducted using chicks and rats.

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Turkeys -- Feeding and feeds
Soybean meal as feed
Corn as feed




South Dakota State University