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The relative importance of this study is characterized by the following pertinent considerations: (1) the inability of communities to absorb unskilled labor, (2) the lack of salable skills of the high school graduates, (3) the prohibitive cost of providing vocational education on the necessary level to develop adequate skills, (4) the school drop-out problem, (5) the limited vocational education provided by the smaller school, (6) the industrial opportunities that can be provided by the larger cities of the state and (7) the need for a practical method of creating the necessary school entity. The economic make-up of the communities within the state of South Dakota is predominately one of service-centers for the surrounding agricultural area. In a study by the business Research Bureau of the School of Business, University of South Dakota (1964), it was stated that “the significant trend in South Dakota has been the growth of employment in the service industries and the decline in employment in the agriculture industry.” The unskilled high school graduate who cannot be absorbed into a family business or agricultural enterprise must seek work elsewhere. The future for this young worker is uncertain in finding work on the local level without some skills necessary for these service type jobs. The National Manpower council identifies skilled and technical workers by recognizing ability levels that worker must attain for specific occupations. Three out of five workers today acquired their skills without formal training, however in many jobs such as the electrician worker, men trained thirty years ago cannot meet today’s demand. This investigation is an attempt to demonstrate a method of establishing vocational schools in the state of South Dakota. The primary purpose of this investigation is to examine on of the schools using this approach, compare it to the type of vocational schools being attempted in South Dakota and to present data concerning the needs of the students in the state.

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