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Master of Science (MS)

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Physical Education


The purpose of the study was to develop a test of fundamental locomotor movement for students enrolled in the modern dance classes at South Dakota State University. A five point rating scale was used to subjectively evaluate students who took the test. The writer devised a test of fundamental locomotor movement and conducted a pilot study. As a result of the first pilot study, certain changes were necessary for successful administration of the test. A second test was devised using only locomotor movement in pattern combinations. A second pilot study was conducted. As a result of the second pilot study, all changes made appeared feasible, and the final testing periods were planned. The final form of the test contained two parts. Part I, consisting of six items, was for beginning students in modern dance. Part II, containing ten items, was for intermediate to advanced students in modern dance. Part I of the test was administered to 19 freshmen women. Part II of the test was administered to 17 women physical education majors. The test for each group was administered twice, with two days between the test and re-test. On both days of testing, three judges used the five point rating scale to evaluate the students who performed the tests in groups of three. The students received two test scores; one score for the first administration of the test, and one score for the re-test. The generalizations made by the writer, concerning her test, include the following: 1) It would appear that a classification test for students in modern dance is needed to determine the skill levels among beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. 2) It would appear that the test developed in this study is economical to administer and practical for use in modern dance classes, since an entire class of twenty students can be tested in one 40 minute class period. 3) It would appear that if a teacher of modern dance did not wish to use the entire test, items could be selected from the test for use as challenge, motivation, and/or enjoyment.

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