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The Flandreau Indian High School had its origin as an Indian Mission School in 1871, at Flandreau, South Dakota. Following the purchase of the property by the United States government in 1883, the institution became a boarding school with an initial student body of ninety-eight Indian students. Gradually, the school has developed and expanded its physical facilities until today there are approximately 600 students in grades 9-12 attending the Flandreau High School. The school draws its enrollment from a five state area: Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The students live in the dormitories on campus and return home at the end of the school year, late in May. Students desiring to enroll at the Flandreau Indian School must be on one-fourth or more degree Indian blood and must meet one or more of the criterial listed below (Bureau of Indian Affairs Memorandum, 1964). A. Education Criteria 1. Those for whom a public or Federal day school is not available. Walking distance to school or bus is defined as one mile for elementary children and 1-1/2 miles for high school. 2. Those who need special vocational or preparatory courses, not available to them locally, to fit them for gainful employment. 3. Those retarded scholastically three or more years or those having pronounced bilingual difficulties, for whom no provision is made in available schools. B. Social Criteria 1. Those who are rejected or neglected for whom no suitable plan can be made. 2. Those who belong to large families with no suitable plan can be made. 3. Those whose behavior problems are too difficult for solution by their families or through existing community facilities and who can benefit from the controlled environment of boarding school without harming other children. 4. Those whose health or proper care is jeopardized by illness or other members of the household.

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