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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a selected resistance program on the improvement of arm-throwing strength and on selected items of the football passing performance. The following procedure was employed in this investigation. Twelve football players selected from the 1966 freshman and varsity football teams at South Dakota State University were employed as subjects. The subjects had a history of passing the football either on the high school level or during college competition. Two experimental groups were determined and equated from the results of the anterior and posterior muscular strength tests of the throwing arm. The groups were determined randomly to be the Resistance Group (Exer-Genie) and the Throwing Group (without Exer-Genie). The subjects in both groups practiced their techniques for a period of eighteen days. The subjects in the Resistance Group threw one hundred passes daily and worked with specific exercises on the Exer-Genie. All subjects were tested at the beginning of the investigation and immediately following completion of the training program. Throwing arm strength, passing accuracy, and the football passing performance. The results of the findings indicated that the Resistance Group and the Throwing Group had a significant effect on increased throwing arm strength and passing accuracy. In the football throw for distance, the results indicate that the improvement of the Resistance Group was statistically significant, whereas, that of the Throwing Group was not. This result was indicated within each of the groups. However, between the two groups, no significant effect on increased throwing arm strength and the football throw for distance was found. The Resistance Group made statistically significant improvement over the Throwing Group in football passing accuracy.

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