Edward Riedl

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Master of Science (MS)


Printing and Journalism


This paper deals with a study of an organization whose responsibility is to inform and educate people. This is a study of the program of the Information and Education Section, South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks. There is much confusion connected with the terms “public relations,” “publicity,” and “public information.” Definitions of these terms will result in a better understanding of this study. Emery, Ault and Agee define public relations, “as the planned effort to influence and maintain favorable opinion through acceptable performance, honestly presented, and with reliance on two-way communications.”1 Public relations is also a management function. This means that an agree-upon policy of principles and concepts is established which reflects working habits of the organization. Publicity is only a tool of public relations. Nielander and Miller stated, “The art of publicity may be defined as information which is spoken, written, printed or otherwise expressed, issued to secure public attention.”2Cutlip and Center state that informational output of governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations are usually lumped under the term “publicity.”3 Public information does have elements of publicity, but many of the objectives of informational programs are to “inform and educate.” Publicity is primarily a secondary objective of information organizations of this type.

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