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Today, due to the ever-increasing educational requirements laid down by states and the increasing costs of education, many of the smaller districts have either been forced to close down or are lacking in one or more of the state requirements and are on the verge of losing their accreditation and ultimately their school. Dennis M. David made a survey of 135 citizens in five mid-western states and showed that only one-fourth of the people were aware that the purpose of reorganization of school districts is to provide better education. It has been shown through surveys of Nebraska County high school systems that the per pupil costs ae actually higher in the county school systems as compared to local districts within the same county. One would in most cases find the county system much more efficient than several small independent districts. It is well known fact that small school districts cannot possibly meet all of the requirements being met by the large school districts for two reasons: 1) The small school district does not have the curriculum because of the lack of students and qualified teachers. 2) The smaller school system does not have the operational budget; thus facilities, equipment, and salaries necessary to attract and hold well qualified personnel are not available. Once district reorganization takes place, educational opportunities are more nearly equalized among the students, and the burden of taxation is more equally shared by all the people of the district.(

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